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Junk removal services in
San Francisco

Providing eco-friendly junk removal service in San Francisco. We don’t just take away the junk from your home, but recycle it and give it a new life.

Think Green, Live Green. Hauling 911 is an Eco-Friendly commercial junk removal company incorporating a recycling strategy to help the world stay green.

Full-Service Junk Removal
by Hauling 911

“Junk removal and recycling solutions for your business and home”

Junk removal by Hauling 911 is an on-demand junk removal service to remove any trash or junk from your home or office. We offer to haul large items like furniture or appliances, full house cleanouts, and pickup trash and debris from real estate haul outs. The best part of our service is that we either recycle or repurpose the junk and our services are 100% eco-friendly.

Our expert haulers are more than capable of handling all types of junk removal jobs ranging from  house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, furniture removal and debris removal from construction sites. When you choose our junk removal service, you can expect a professional and friendly hauling service from us. Our commitment is to make your life easier with a fast and trustworthy junk removal service.

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Services Offered

We offer various junk removal services in San Francisco and associated areas that include:

Our Approach to Junk Removal

Hauling 911 emphasize only the best and most eco-friendly customer service on every job. Our environment-friendly approach ensures that your junk gets donated or recycled accordingly.  We are a company that facilitates recycling a significant portion of hauled junk, and we strictly adhere to these standards. You can expect experienced performance, affordability, and service quality with our professional service.

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Our Process

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If you're happy, we'll remove your junk right away.

We recycle and donate.

Go Green

The majority of removed junk by our team does not end up in landfills, we recycle and reuse 80% of everything we haul.
You can feel good that you work with an eco-friendly junk removal service.

We also donate useable items to local donation centers or NGOs to reduce waste and
support the community.

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